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Richard Jaescke
RCW Landscape and Construction

774 Bridge Road
Northampton, MA 01060

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Quality Agriculture Care  

Richards Custom Work

RCW Landscape and Construction in Northampton, MA has been
producing quality hay and straw for 43 years. We have hay available for dairy, livestock and equestrian operations. Straw is available for erosion
control, gardens and weed control
. Please call for our current price
and availability.  

While we specialize in large field mowing, ditch and embankment mowing, we also provide complete tillage services.

Tillage Services:

  • Culti-Packing

  • Discing

  • Land Plowing

  • Seeding

Field and Ditch Mowing Machinery

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We have established many hay fields, pastures and primary tillage for farming operations in the Hampshire County area over the years. We prepare small gardens with plowing, discing and roto-tilling.   

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Local landfill operations have used our large field mowing services, as required by regulations, to maintain the integrity of cover on their landfills to keep brush from growing.  

We are proud to support and encourage locally grown food and other agricultural products. Please call for our current pricing and availability.